Regional representative

George L. Vlachos, PhD Candidate
European University Institute, Florence
History and Civilization Department (HEC)
Based in Athens, Greece

Recent Related Conference Presentations

Vlachos, George L., Environmental colonialism in the interwar period: The reclamation and social engineering project in a southern Macedonian lake, 1913–1940 in “European Society for Environmental History Biennial Conference 2019”, Tallinn, 21-25 August 2019

Vlachos, George L., To Fell a Digital Tree: Perceiving History and Environment in First-Person Survival Games in “The Interactive Pasts Conference 2”, Hilversum, 8-10 October 2018

Vlachos, George L., The Spade and the Plow: Archeological Discoveries and Agricultural Modernization in Macedonia, 1878-1922 in “European Society for Environmental History Biennial Conference 2017”, Zagreb, 28 June-2 July 2017

Vlachos, George L., Constructing the Greek Nation through the Natural Landscape: Issues of Nature, Nationalism and Environmental Management in Greece, 1881-1923 in “Environment and History: The multiple faces of a dynamic relationship”, 22-23 October, 2015

Upcoming Articles

Vlachos, George L., in press, ‘From Slavic Swamp to Promised Land: Social and environmental engineering in a southern Macedonian swamp, 1913-1936’ in State, Experts and Nature: Engineering the Eastern Europe Environment (Provisional Title). (Collective Volume)

Vlachos, George L., in Press, ‘Of Ecosystems and Landscapes: Grasping themes of environmental history in first-person survival videogames and walking simulators.’ in The Interactive Past 2 (Provisional Title), Sidestone Press. (Collective Volume)

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