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Dr Vaso Seirinidou
Department of History and Archaeology
University of Athens
University Campus
GR 153-73 Zografou-Athens
vseirinid [at]


Environmental History in Greece


Environmental History is an absolutely new research and teaching field in Greece and has not yet any institutional existence as an academic discipline. EH is being taught at postgraduate level in the Department of History – University of Athens since 2009 ( Both research and teaching are focused on the environmental history of the Southeastern Mediterranean in the early modern period (Venetian and Ottoman era).

A series of courses, entitled “Natural Environment and Aquatic Resources in the Greek territories (4th – 18th c.), was organized in the academic year 2012-2013 by the Centre of Historical Research of the National Hellenic Research Foundation (NHRF).

Research Projects

Since 1981 a research project on the “Historical geography of the Greek territory during the Byzantine period” has been running in the Institute of Byzantine Research of the National Hellenic Research Foundation. Among the publications of the project, which are relevant for the EH, are: Transformations of Peloponnese (4th-15th c.), Athens, NHRF, 2000 and the Proceedings of the International Symposium, Early Byzantine Messene and Olympia: Urban and Rural Space in the Western Peloponnese, eds. P. G. Themelis – V. Konti, Society for Messenian Archaeological Studies / IBR/NHRF, Athens 2002. (see:

At the Department of History and Archaeology / University of Athens are running the projects “Stories of the forest: use, management and perception of the forests in Greece, 18 th – 19 th century” and “Nature and property in the Greek territories, 15th – 19 th c.”, supervised by Ass. Prof. Vaso Seirinidou.


  • The Mediterranean and its seas: natural, social, political landscapes and environments” (Athens, 1-3 October 2009), international workshop, organized by the Programme for Postgraduate Studies of the Department of History/University of Athens in collaboration with the University of Minnesota.
  • Human and Environment in the Byzantium”, series of lectures (Athens, 9 March 2010), organized by the Institute of Byzantine Studies / National Hellenic Research Foundation (NHRF). (see video:
  • Mountain: uses and perceptions of a changing space” (Elati-Arcadia/Peloponnese, 21-23 September 2012), interdisciplinary conference organized by the Programme for Postgraduate Studies of the Department of History/University of Athens.
  • Before ecology: the management of the environment in pre-industrial societies” (Ermoupolis-Syros/Cyclades, 8-9 July 2013), organized by the Institute of Historical Research / National Hellenic Research Foundation (NHRF).

EH publications in Greek (a selection)

  • Animals and Natural Environment in the Byzantium (7th -12th c.), Proceedings of International Conference, Athens 2011.
  • A. Avramea, “Natural Environment and Human Intervention: Perceptions and Images of the Urban Landscape”, in Everyday live in Byzantium,  Proceedings of the International Conference, Athens 1989, p. 687-694.
  • D. Dimitropoulos and E. Olympitou (eds.), Fishing in the Greek Seas. From the Testimonies of the Past to the Contemporary Reality, Athens 2010
  • D. Dimitropoulos, “Fishing in the Times of the Ottoman Domination. A First Tracing”, Ta Historica 45 (2006), 315-352.
  • Ch. Gasparis, Natural and Peasant Landscape in medieval Creta, 13th – 14th c., Athens 1994.
  • A. Panopoulou, “Circa Mundiciam civitatis. Measures for the Cleanliness of Handakas from the 14th to the 17th century”, Symmeikta 9 (1994), 183-212.
  • A. Panopoulou, “Áree boschive del Peloponneso: protezione e sfruttamento fra Seicento e Settecento”, in Chr. Maltezo, A. Tzavara and D. Vlassi (eds.), I Greci durante la venetocrazia: Uomini, spazio, idee (XIII-XVIII sec.), Atti del Convegno Internazionale di Studi, Venezia, 2-3 dicembre 2007, Venezia 2009, p. 555-566.
  • A. Papadia-Lala, “The Conservation of the Natural Environment in Venetian Crete”, Proceedings of the 8th International Cretologic Conference, Herakleion 2000, v. II2, p. 177-185.
  • V. Seirinidou, “Historians in the Nature. A Critical Introduction to Environmental History”, Ta Historica 51 (2009), 275-297.
  • A. Siniakos, Human and Environment in Proto-Byzantine Period (4th – 6th c.), Thessaloniki 2003.
  • S. Troianos and K. Pitsakis, Natural and Urban Environment in the Byzantine Legal Sources, Athens 1998.
  • Ch. Vlassopoulou and G. Liarakou (eds.), Environmental History. Studies on Ancient and Contemporary Greece, Athens 2011.


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