Call for proposals to all historical ecologists

Call for proposals to all historical ecologists

Within the framework of the new SCIENCE collection at ISTE Edition ( and its partners Wiley and Elsevier, and on behalf of the French National Center of Scientific Research (CNRS), we plan to prepare a multiauthored book dedicated to Historical Ecology.

The volume aims at making a state of the art of Historical Ecology with examples on research and current prospects. It is not a general public work, but an academic work which can be read by students (Bachelor level) and beyond. Contributions must be of good scientific level but accessible to a wide audience. This is a multi-author book which is intended to be fairly complete in the field. The advantages of this collection are a translation into five languages (French, English, German, Spanish, Chinese), no publication costs, hardcopies and pdf formats, and the possibility for color illustrations (pdf).

Manuscripts should be prepared in English and will be translated in other languages by ISTE and Wiley. In a first step, we would like to receive proposals for contributing to this book. Contributions could consist in: – methodological papers (e.g. archaeobotany, remote sensing, ancient DNA, interpretation of old maps and cadasters…) – reviews (e.g. historical ecology of the neotropical forest, environmental history of estuaries…) – theory and concepts (e.g. extinction debt/immigration credit, ancient/recent forests) – synthesis on previous works (i.e. a synthesis of your own research papers on a focal topic) – a case study as far as it corresponds to an interdisciplinary approach – any other proposal is welcome!

If you are interested in being a contributor, please send an e-mail to before June 30th the latest while specifying (i) the topic you would like to treat; (ii) if you would be a single author or part of a group of co-authors; (iii) the type of contribution (methodological paper, extensive review, theoretical or conceptual paper, synthesis of previous works, case study, other?).

At first glance, the deadline for submitting the chapter should be in December 2020 to target a publication at Fall 2021. Based on feedbacks an overview will be sent in early July. At this time, declared authors will receive the instructions to authors and some guidelines.

Looking forward to receive your proposal(s), Prof. Dr. Guillaume DECOCQ, Chair of the IAVS “Historical vegetation ecology” working group CNRS & Jules Verne University of Picardie, Amiens, France

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