CfP: Panel on disasters – AHA 2014

Cindy Ermus of Florida State University is looking for panelists for a session on “historical disasters” to be held at AHA 2014 in Washington, DC. The deadline for submissions in on 15 February 2013.

In particular, 3 or 4 case studies on government response and corruption (broadly) in times of natural disasters in the 18th century (though 17th and 19th century would also work) are sought for. Cindy Ermus is working on responses to the perceived “threat” of plague in England, France, and Italy during the Marseille plague of 1720. Her project explores responses to the threat of plague beyond the borders of France, and exposes the underlying interests that often inform decisions to search vessels, raise port taxes, quarantine, restrict travel, erect or shut city walls and so on.

Please contact Cindy Ermus for further information: cermus [at]

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