Seventh ESEH Conference

The Seventh Biennial Conference of the European Society for Environmental History was held in Munich, Germany. Situated in close proximity to lakes and mountains, Munich is known for its natural surroundings, its ecological initiatives, its strong academic institutions, its cultural heritage and history, its food and drink, and for its exceptionally high quality of life.

The topic of the 2013 ESEH conference was thus particularly well suited to Munich:

Circulating Natures: Water—Food—Energy

It took place from 20-24 August 2013, and was hosted by the Rachel Carson Center for Environment and Society—the world’s largest Centre for Advanced Study in the environmental humanities. Other sponsors included LMU Munich, the Deutsches Museum, and the City of Munich.

The ESEH conference brought more than five hundred participants to Munich. Also, for the first time, alumni of the Carson Center—established and prominent scholars from more than forty different countries—gathered in Munich to discuss their work.

The conference offered several hundred panels in environmental studies, plenary sessions, excursions, receptions, book exhibits, and auctions.

Members of the local organising committee:
Arielle Helmick
Agnes Kneitz
Christof Mauch, Chair
Claudia Reusch

Members of the programme committee:
Inês Amorim (Portugal)
Peter Coates (Great Britain), Chair
Marcus Hall (Switzerland/USA)
Arielle Helmick (Germany)
Dolly Jørgensen (Sweden)
Andrea Kiss (Hungary)
Timo Myllyntaus (Finland)

Updated on 29 December 2013

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