Tenure-track Position in Environmental History (Université Lyon 2, France)

Lyon 2 University has a vacancy for a Chair in environmental history — CHAIRE DE PROFESSEUR JUNIOR (CPJ) — on the broad theme of “Biodiversity Environment Energy”. This position is in modern history (19-21st centuries, 20-21st centuries preferred).

Colleagues with a few years’ post-doctoral experience and the ability to speak French are encouraged to apply. This is a 5-year “tenure-track” contract with tenure possible in 5 years if a French “habilitation” is defended.

People have to candidate via the French application Galaxi: https://www.galaxie.enseignementsup-recherche.gouv.fr/ensup/cand_CPJ.htm

Applications are open from 1 July to 23 August.

Selection and an oral competition with a jury will take place in early autumn.