Travel Grants for ESEH 2017

Travel Grants for ESEH 2017

The ESEH will make available approximately 20 grants and registration fee waivers for ESEH members who will deliver papers or present posters at the 2017 ESEH Conference in Zagreb, but who would not be able to attend the conference without external support. These travel grants are intended for graduate students, independent scholars, and those from low-income countries. 

ESEH will not be able to provide the full costs associated with attending the conference: Each grant ranging between 150,- and 500,- euro is intended rather as an encouragement than a full subsidy of travel or accommodation. The amount granted will be payable only in person at the conference desk in Zagreb, upon signing a declaration that this money is used solely for the academic purpose to join this conference.

Applications for support must use the application form and be sent along with supporting application materials as a single PDF document by email as indicated on the application form. Due to conference registration, visa and other schedules, notice shall be given in early April. Thus, the deadline for travel grant applications is Thursday, 30 March 2017.

ESEH Travel Grant Application form

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