Turku Book Award 2013

The next Turku Book Award will be presented in Munich in 2013; eligible books are those published in 2011 or 2012. Nominated books should be submitted in three copies by mail to the Rachel Carson Center in Munich by 15 January 2013 1 December 2012. If the monograph is written in a language other than English, please include a one-page English summary.

Committee members include:

  • Franziska Torma (RCC)
  • Stefania Barca (ESEH)
  • Julia Herzberg (RCC)
  • Uwe L├╝bken (RCC)
  • Paul Warde (ESEH)

The address for submissions is:
Rachel Carson Center
Leopoldstr. 11a
D-80802 Munich

Full details are available in the book award official announcement.

Updated and corrected on 22 May 2012

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