Board 2017-2019

The ESEH is governed by a Board. The Board consists of a President, two Vice-Presidents, a Secretary, a Treasurer, and five Regional Representatives appointed by the Council of Regional Representatives. The Chair of the Conference Committee becomes ex officio a temporary member of the Board, until the next conference.

Péter Szabó, PhD
Institute of Botany, Czech Academy of Sciences
Department of Vegetation Ecology
Lidická 25/27 Brno 60200
Czech Republic
Personal website:
Institutional website:
Project website:
E-mail: Peter.Szabo [at]

Prof. Borna Fuerst-Bjelis
University of Zagreb
Faculty of Science
Department of Geography
Marulicev trg 19/II.
10 000 Zagreb, Croatia
Institutional website:
E-mail: bornafb [at]

Dr Wilko Graf von Hardenberg
Max Planck Institute for the History of Science
Boltzmannstr. 22
14195 Berlin, Germany
E-mail: wilko.hardenberg [at]

Dr Giacomo Parrinello
Center for History at Sciences Po
27, rue Saint-Guillaume,
75337 Paris cedex 07 France
E-mail: giacomo.parrinello [at]

Ulrich Koppitz
Medical History Library
Universitaetsstr. 1 (23.12)
D-40225 Duesseldorf
E-mail: koppitz [at]
Tel: +49-211-8113945
Fax: +49-211-8113949

Regional Representative: German speaking countries
CRR Chair
Martin Knoll
University of Salzburg
History Department
Rudolfskai 42
5020 Salzburg, Austria
Phone: +43 662 8044-4781
Fax: +43 662 8044-413
E-mail: martin.knoll [at]

Regional Representative: Baltic Countries
Dr Kati Lindström
Division of History of Science, Technology and Environment
KTH Royal Institute of Technology
Teknikringen 74D,
SE-100 44 Stockholm
E-mail: kati.lindstrom [at]

Regional Representative: Romania
Dr. Stefan Dorondel
Francisc I. Rainer Institute of Anthropology
Casa Academiei Romane
13 Calea 13 Septembrie 050731, Bucharest
E-mail: dorondel [at]

Regional Representative: Israel
Yaron J. Balslev
Department of Geography and Human Environment
Faculty of Exact Sciences
Tel Aviv University
P.O. Box 39040
E-mail: yaronbal [at]

Regional Representative: Croatia
Hrvoje Petric
History Department
Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences
University of Zagreb,
Ivana Lucica 3,
HR-10000 Zagreb,
E-mail: hrvoje.petric [at]

Chair of the LOC
Dr Ulrike Plath
School of Humanities
Tallinn University
Narva mnt 25
10120 Tallinn, Estonia
E-mail: ulrike.plath [at]