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ESEH Histories – Podcast Series

An environmental history podcast by the European Society for Environmental History, including interviews, new developments within the ESEH, and audio recordings of events.
The series is curated by James L. Smith (University College Cork, Ireland), James Rice (White Horse Press, UK), and Rebecca Tyson (University of Bristol, UK).
The series welcomes contributions by society members. ESEH members are invited to get in touch with editors and suggest pitches for guests for the podcast, with an emphasis on talking about both an upcoming project and the background and approaches to environmental history/humanities of the interviewee.
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In our first episode of ESEH Histories, James Louis Smith and James Rice talk to Jonatan Palmblad, Managing Editor of the Arcadia Journal at the Rachel Carson Centre for Environment and Society at the Ludwig-Maximilians University, Munich. Jonte discusses Arcadia, the Environment and Society Portal, the forthcoming Springs journal, and his doctoral research at LMU on Lewis Mumford.
The Arcadia Journal
The Environment and Society Portal
Ant Spider Bee: Chronicling digital transformations in environmental humanities
Springs: The Rachel Carson Center Review