Conference: Chernobyl – Turning Point or Catalyst?

WEB_161202_03_FLY_TschernobylChristoph Becker-Schaum (Heinrich-Boell-Foundation), Jan-Henrik Meyer (Copenhagen/HoNESt) and Marianne Zepp (Heinrich-Boell-Foundation) are convening the international conference Chernobyl – Turning Point or Catalyst? Changing Practices, Structures and Perceptions in Environmental Policy and Politics (1970s-1990s) which will take place at the Heinrich-Boell-Foundation (HBS) in Berlin, Germany, on 2-3 December 2016.

This conference provides important insights on the nexus and relations between nuclear energy, society and politics in Europe East and West, as well as the impact of the Chernobyl accident on the development and change in environmental policy in Europe.

The full programme is available for download.

If you want to attend you are invited to register by 30 November 2016 on the website of the Heinrich-Boell-Foundation.

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