11th ESEH Ordinary General Meeting 2021

11th ESEH Ordinary General Meeting 2021
Friday 9 July CEST 11:00-12:30
The Secretary of the European Society for Environmental History (ESEH) announces the following agenda for the next Ordinary General Meeting (OGM) of ESEH.
All ESEH members are encouraged to attend.
1. Opening of the meeting by the President
2. Presentation of Minutes of the 10th Ordinary General Meeting, Tallinn, 22 August 2019
3. President’s report on the development of ESEH
4. Report by the Chair of the Council of Regional Representatives
5. Treasurer’s report on budget 2019–2021
a. Vote on membership fees
6. Report by the Financial Control Committee
a. Discharge of the outgoing Board Members and Regional Representatives
7. Report by the Nomination Committee
a. Presentation of the candidates*
b. Voting instructions for online ballot**
8. Announcement of the winners of the ESEH awards
a. Tallinn Prize (dissertation)
b. St. Andrews Prize (article)
c. Turku Prize (book)
9. Announcement of upcoming ESEH conferences
a. Bristol 2022
b. Venue 2023
* For candidates‘ CVs and statements, as well as account and budget synopses 2019-21, see http://eseh.org/events/eseh-nominations-page-2021/
** The vote will occur online via Surveymonkey, starting as soon as the OGM ends and going on for five full days. Every financial member of the Society will automatically get a link to vote.
ESEH members are invited to the digital party on 8 July CEST 16:00-18:00. You are warmly welcome to join.
If you are a ESEH member but do not have the links to the events yet, please, contact the ESEH secretary at secretary@eseh.org