Environment and History

The journal Environment and History was founded as an interdisciplinary journal, aiming to bring scholars in the humanities and natural sciences closer together, with the deliberate intention of constructing long and well-founded perspectives on past and present day environmental problems. While the journal continues to welcome work involving or reflecting other fields (including natural sciences and humanities as well as history), we urge authors to reflect on the relevance of their submissions to the advancement of environmental history, now a well-established field. Recent issues of the journal give a clear indication of the range of environmental history.


A regular feature of the journal is a section on current activities in environmental history, including the ‘Notepad’ of the European Society for Environmental History.

Thanks to the generous and long-lasting collaboration with The White Horse Press, ESEH members are granted access to the journal. Here you have your free digital copy of the journal (for ESEH members only).

To get access to the issues, please contact secretary@eseh.org  


Visit the journal’s website: https://www.whpress.co.uk/EH.html 


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