Announcement: Conference Venue for ESEH 2025

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We are pleased to announce that the 13th ESEH conference will take place in Sweden!

The proposal “Climate Histories” brings together three universities and several departments in central Sweden engaging in Environmental History and an organising group involving several more Swedish universities.

The proposed theme for the conference is Climate Histories, the theme name is chosen as it alludes both to climate reconstruction and climate-society history, the historiography of climate research and to storytelling in terms of representations of the experience of living with climate uncertainty. The theme is not only timely (and acutely so) but will also attract a broader audience both from within the field of history and also other disciplines. In addition, we hope to stimulate more popularised conversations linked to the conference.

The conference will be organised by the Department of Archaeology and Ancient History (AAH, UU) and the Department of History (Hist, UU), both at Uppsala University. Other lead partners are the Department of History, Stockholm University (Hist, SU) and the History of Science, Technology and Environment, Royal Institute of Technology (KTH), Stockholm. Supporting departments are the Department of History, Linnaeus University (Linné) and the Department of Historical Studies, Gothenburg University (GU).

Our congratulations to the organising committee!

More info will follow in due time…

Conference Venue Committee:
Julia Lajus (chair), Columbia University in the City of New York, USA/ University of Helsinki, Finland
Marianna Dudley, University of Bristol, UK
Inês Amorim, University of Porto, Portugal

Image: Förhallen, Universitetshuset, Uppsala 1891 – Public domain photograph