ESEH Call for Nominations for Elected Positions

The European Society for Environmental History is soliciting nominations for our Society’s leadership positions to be elected at the Ordinary General Meeting (OGM) at the Biennial Conference, 5-9 July 2021.

Officers of the Board of the Society (for a two-year term, 2021-23):

  • President
  • Vice-President (2 positions)
  • Secretary
  • Treasurer

Financial Control Committee (2 positions) (for a two-year term, 2021-23)

Regional Representatives (RRs) (for a four-year term, 2021-25) for the following regions:

  • The Baltic States
  • The Nordic Countries
  • Portugal
  • Turkey

(New elections for RRs for the Society’s other regions will be held in 2023.)

The duties of these positions are outlined in the ESEH Constitution, which you can read online

Diversity Statement

The Nominations Committee seeks the best possible equity between gender, region, seniority, and other considerations to ensure the Society’s elected officers represent the diversity of its members. (See ESEH Constitution, 13.4.7.)

Procedure for Nominations

All ESEH Members may suggest candidates, including themselves, to the Nominations Committee (nominations[at] cc. david.moon[at] no later than 16 April 2021 (c.80 days before the OGM).

Please send the following information: full name; institutional affiliation; academic position; email address.

Candidates for positions will be invited to submit further information in advance of the elections at the OGM.

Any questions, please contact the chair of the Nominations Committee: david.moon[at]

ESEH Nominations Committee members

David Moon, University of York, UK

Ana Isabel Queiroz, University of Lisbon, Portugal

Žiga Zwitter, University of Ljubljana, Slovenia