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ESEH 2023 Conference

The next, 12th, ESEH conference will take place in the city of Bern. The University of Bern has a long tradition in environmental and climate studies. The Institute of History and the Oeschger Centre for Climate Change Research are therefore proud to host to the 12th Conference of the ESEH.

Bern will be the first conference site since the establishment of the biennial ESEH conferences that is close to the Alps or to mountainous regions in general. Drawing from its closeness to mountainous regions Bern invites for a conference on «Mountains and Plains», a topic enabling approaches from various disciplines possible.

This paramount topic enables numerous approaches from various disciplines.
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Local Organising Committee

  • Simona Boscani Leoni
  • Stefan Brönnimann
  • Chantal Camenisch
  • Tobias Haller
  • Heli Huhtamaa
  • Annuschka Lochner
  • Christian Rohr
  • Melanie Salvisberg
  • Daniel Marc Segesser
  • Martin Stuber
  • Tamara Terry Widmer

Programme Committee

  • Wilko Graf von Hardenberg (chair), Humboldt University, Berlin, Germany
  • Martin Knoll, University of Salzburg, Austria
  • Nina Toudal Jessen, University of Copenhagen, Denmark
  • Solène Rivoal, Université fédérale de Toulouse, Université Champollion d’Albi, France
  • Kate Stevens, The University of Waikato, New Zealand
  • Heli Huhtamaa, Bern University, Switzerland

Elections – Bern 2023

During the conference, ESEH members will vote for the elected positions (board members, regional representatives, the financial control committee).
At this page you will find all the information about the ESEH Nominations for the term 2023-2025.

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