Message to the ESEH Community from our colleage Anna Olenenko

Dear ESEH community!

My name is Anna Olenenko and I’m from Ukraine. I’m a member of ESEH since 2014. Many of you know me personally thanks to different conferences on environmental history and joint projects.

For the last 6 days of the war starting from the first one, when Russian army brutally attacked Ukraine, I’ve got dozens of messages, letters with the words of support and solidarity from abroad. I have a lot of friends and colleagues from all over the word, but majority of your messages was from ESEH members. You, people, are incredible! Your words mean the world to me and Ukraine! Except kind words you’ve been generously offering help with money to me and my family, donation to Ukrainian Army, even your homes in different Europeans countries to stay during the war. You’ve been sending me pictures of demonstrations against war all over the world. It’s priceless what you are doing! It has assured me that our ESEH community means much more that just number of people who share the same or similar research interest. We share much more – our values!

These days I ask you to share information about war in Ukraine, about bombing of civilian population in Ukrainian cities, about crimes of Russian army against humanity. Go to the demonstrations; push your governments to help Ukraine, because in that way you not only stand with Ukraine, but also with whole Europe, democracy, European values and humanity. We are frightened but stay strong! We need to be that because we all have dreams, plans, and for the love of God unfinished articles on environmental history of Ukraine!

Stand with Ukraine and see you in Bristol!

Anna Olenenko