Travel grant scheme for scholars affected by the war

Dear ESEH members,

Recently some of you asked if something could be done for our colleagues who are in danger because of the Russian invasion of the Ukraine.

The board has decided to establish a travel grant scheme for VISITING SCHOLARS AND ACCOMPANYING PERSONS in danger who are either ESEH members or who are being hosted by ESEH members. ESEH members can either apply as hosts or visiting scholars for the reimbursement of travel costs.

The reimbursement of these travel costs cover expenses of the journey to reach a university in the European Union, Great Britain, and Switzerland. For the visiting scholar up to 66 percent of travel costs can be reimbursed, for accompanying persons up to 33 percent. The scheme also covers journeys to universities that have already been made.

Applications shall include 1) EVIDENCE of travel costs; 2) a short text concerning the activity by both the visiting scholar and the host; 3) DATA FOR EFFICIENT MONEY TRANSFER (VIA SWIFT OR PAYPAL).

The ESEH welcomes donations for this fund. Donations can be made through the ESEH account via Postbank or PayPal:

ESEH (Europ. Soc. Environmental History)
IBAN: DE14 4401 0046 0492 315 466; SWIFT/BIC-Code: PBNKDEFF
Bank address: Postbank Dortmund, Hiltropwall 4, D-44137 Dortmund, Germany

**Please label the donation as Visiting scholars 2022**

Applications shall be sent in a single file named ViScholars_22_LASTNAME to the president of the ESEH <> and the treasurer <> and will be dealt with as quickly as possible.

The ESEH Board also encourages all its members to mobilize through their institutions or other channels to support our colleagues at risk; please share with us possible initiatives and opportunities and we will publicize them through the society.

Applications will be processed by Viktor Paal (chair), Ulrike Plath, Tuomas Rasanen, Ulrich Koppitz, and Marco Armiero.

Thank you for your attention and for your support,
ESEH Board