Course: Russian Culture in Baltic Nature

The Center for Environmental and Technological History of the European University at St. Petersburg announces the educational project Russian Culture in Baltic Nature: intersection of history, landscape and heritage.

The Center annually teaches a distance education and summer session course that involves fascinating travel and lectures from experts in the field. The first course, beginning in 2013, will be dedicated to Russian heritage in the Eastern Baltic. The Baltic Sea is a key natural and cultural unifier of the lands of Eastern Europe and Russia and the course will focus on local trans-border culture and nature. The Eastern Baltic is a place where nations and peoples have been mixed for centuries and powerful empires have impacted one another. During the summer session we will travel through three countries studying the Russian culture and heritage dispersed here and there in unforgettable landscapes. This course is based on the idea of three continuities: continuity of culture, nature and history across state borders. Finally we will try to answer a key question – is international heritage management possible at all?

For details see the project’s website or contact the project coordinator Olga Malkina.

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