ESEH Small Workshop Funding Awarded

The ESEH Board decided, following an internal call for proposals for small workshops and conferences, to contribute to the funding of two events. These are:

  • “Why Is There So Little Green in Czech and Slovak History? A Workshop on the Horizons of Multi- and Interdisciplinary Cooperation in Environmental History”. Brno, Czech Republic, March 28, 2014. Organised by Doubravka Olšáková, Nicholas Orsillo, and Arnošt Štanzel.
  • “Bellies, Bodies, Policey. Embodied Environments between Catastrophes and Control”. Joint Conference of the Institutes of History at Tallinn and Tartu University and KAJAK (Estonian Centre for Environmental History), Estonia, September 10-12, 2014. Organised by Ulrike Plath and Mati Laur.

The Board was extremely pleased to find out about some of the many regional initiatives under way in environmental history. We hope to be able to announce another call for funding for 2015 workshops at the end of this year.

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