Turku Book Award – Nominees 2015

The Turku Book Award, a joint prize from the European Society for Environmental History (ESEH) and the Rachel Carson Center for Environment and Society (RCC), is intended to identify and encourage innovative and well-written scholarship in the field of environmental history. The selection committee for 2015 has selected the following 11 books for their shortlist of the strongest books in environmental history in 2013 and 2014. Although contingent in its formation, this shortlist of highly recommended books provides a very good overview of excellent scholarship in the field.  The winner will be announced during the ESEH biennial conference in Versailles, 30 June – 3 July 2015.

  • Ellen F. Arnold, Negotiating the Landscape: Environment and Monastic Identity in the Medieval Ardennes (University of Pennsylvania Press, 2012*)
  • John L. Brooke, Climate Change and the Course of Global History: A Rough Journey (Cambridge University Press, 2014)
  • Deborah R. Coen, The Earthquake Observers: Disaster Science from Lisbon to Richter (University of Chicago Press, 2012*)
  • Gregory T. Cushman, Guano and the Opening of the Pacific World: A Global Ecological History (Cambridge University Press, 2013)
  • Richard Hoffmann, An Environmental History of Medieval Europe (Cambridge University Press, 2014)
  • Christopher F. Jones, Routes of Power: Energy and Modern America (Harvard University Press, 2014)
  • Paul Josephson, Nicolai Dronin, Ruben Mnatsakanian, Aleh Cherp, Dmitry Efremenko, and Vladislav Larin, An Environmental History of Russia (Cambridge University Press, 2013)
  • Jens Lachmund, Greening Berlin: The Co-Production of Science, Politics, and Urban Nature (MIT Press, 2013)
  • Clapperton Mavhunga, Transient Workspaces: Technologies of Everyday Innovations in Zimbabwe (MIT Press, 2014)
  • Christopher L. Pastore, Between Land and Sea: The Atlantic Coast and the Transformation of New England (Harvard University Press, 2014)
  • Anna Storm, Post-Industrial Landscape Scars (Palgrave Macmillan, 2014)

* published after the 2013 Turku Prize nomination deadline.

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